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Football fans: Who you see at the game

Football fans by Tom NashThose of us who attend football matches have occasionally attended games so boring that entertainment is derived from watching others in the crowd. After a few of these games you start to notice certain types that appear at grounds all over the country (and indeed, the world). And I don’t mean those fans who shout tactics, appeal for ‘hand-ball’ and warn of a ‘man-on’. We all do that.

The jaded veteran
I guess the closest the ‘big’ clubs get to this is the long time fan who can remember ‘when all this was a terrace and it was a farthing for a programme.’ For the rest of us, it’s those fellas who, no matter what, are there watching the week in-week out drudgery that is lower level Association Football.
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Football fans: Which team are you on?

Football fans by Tom NashEnglish football fans are an interesting bunch. Don’t believe me? Go to any ground in the country on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see the cream of British society. It’s beautiful… Well, maybe not beautiful, but it certainly is a sight!

Having held a season ticket for Crystal Palace for the last fifteen seasons, during which time I have witnessed various promotions, relegations and two periods in administration, I feel I have a decent understanding of what makes a good supporter. Here’s what I reckon:
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