I remember the last few seconds before my car hit that lorry.

I remember playing football in the garden with Owen from up the road.

I remember getting bored of Niagara Falls.

I remember completing Super Mario Land for the very first time.

I remember that kid who tried to stab me when I wouldn’t give him a cigarette.

I remember feeling guilty for not visiting more when Nan passed away.

I remember my first Palace game as a season ticket holder; Liverpool won six-one.

I remember Keely gripping my finger.

I remember getting stuck in the loft with a starling.

I remember realising that I would never see any of The Wire for the first time ever again.

I remember that bloke on the way home from the pub that wanted to look at my shoe.

I remember standing on the roof of the World Trade Centre.

I remember picking out Colin the Hamster at the pet shop.

I remember finally handing in my resignation.

I remember seeing Granddad in hospital in his last few weeks.

I remember climbing to the summit of Snowdon and judging the people who rode the train up.

I remember the wasp that stung me on my tongue.

I remember Palace- five, Brighton- nil.

I remember that man being dragged out of the water and covered with a sheet.

I remember how claustrophobic the interview room was.

I remember waking up without trousers on but my shoes tightly laced.

I remember Granddad’s coffin looking so small.

I remember when I realised I didn’t love her anymore.

I remember Neil Shipperley’s goal at the Millennium Stadium.

I sort of remember getting lost in Spain, jumping off a wall, breaking my foot and being punched by a cab driver.


Kind of, anyway…

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