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Writing: Moronic statements the profession provokes

Writing for a living by Tom NashOver 60 posts done now and not one of them is about my chosen craft. Time to change that.

Before I decided that dead-end jobs in the writing industry were preferable to dead-end jobs in further education, I lived in South London and mixed with proper blokey-blokes who if they even bothered to work for a living either fixed, built or knocked shit down. If it was revealed that you worked in an office while you were somewhere like a pub you would automatically be labelled as a ‘poof or sumfink’ by knuckle-dragging fucksticks that pride themselves on their ignorance and lack of education but always know more about any subject than anyone else nearby, or so their super loud voice would lead you to believe.

These are the sort of people that if you let them know that you are a writer, respond in the following ways:

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