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Drugs: Arguments against the end of prohibition that miss the point entirely

Drink & Drugs by Tom NashDrugs. Apart from ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ and whether Lady Gaga is bangable or not, nothing divides opinion more. Unfortunately, no subject seems to bypass rationality and common sense quite like the whole narcotic prohibition debate either.

Of course it makes good copy when some bell-end who can’t handle their shit takes something and dies but that doesn’t account for the millions of people who take some form of drug every weekend and have what can only be described as ‘a really fucking good time’. I’ll let Bill Hicks get the point across better.

Anyway, here’s some of things people who still deny the fact that drug prohibition has failed screech irrationally whenever the subject comes up:

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Parents: Things your folks do that you’ll probably end up doing too

Falling in slow motion by Tom NashI’ve reached an age where a lot of people I know are settling down and starting families or trying desperately to fend off their girlfriends’ maternal instincts by getting a puppy…

While I’m not quite ready to unleash my spawn on society just yet, knowing an increasing number of parents- and having a set of my own- has shown me that some interesting things happen to people when they have a miniature human to keep alive.

This seems like a good excuse to reproduce Philip Larkin’s famous poem; This Be The Verse (yes, a poem (Don’t worry it’s not very long or particularly ‘gay’- it even features swears!): Continue reading