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People: More things that will be banned when the revolution happens

Annoying People by Tom NashDid you really think I would just write a single post about this?

To be honest, I could stop writing about everything else and still come up with a new post every week, but anyone who knows me knows that I’m not bitter and twisted enough to do something like that… Shut up.

First draft of this read like a manifesto, albeit a disturbingly violent one. So all references to ‘pimp-slaps’ and eye-stabbings performed with shitty sticks have been removed, in keeping with the usual light-hearted banter you’ve come to expect from this blog.

Anyways, time to point the finger at more behaviour I and many other like-minded folk believe warrants calling whoever does it a twat:

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Relationship advice: Terrifying things women are told by magazines

Relationships by Tom NashFrom what I’ve noticed, a mainstay of magazines that target a female audience is relationship advice. Whether it is a section devoted to answering readers’ questions about how to hold on to their man (because it’s SO tricky to keep a heterosexual man happy, right?) or tips to help readers work out if their fella is cheating, hiding something or doing something else that we invariably do.

Take Cosmopolitan for example. More than three million copies of this rag are sold each month. Does your missus read it? Is she flaky enough to take advice from a bitter hack? If so, here’s why you need to check out the man-hating, sheer fucking horror story of a relationship advice section it contains.

So according to Cosmo…

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