TWTN first anniversary

Yes friends, despite what the archive bit further down the page says, July 2011 marks the first anniversary of this blog.

It was a vastly different creature back in the early days; I was yet to find my calling as ‘that person that moans about EVERYTHING’ (by the way, yes there is a lovely view from up on my pedestal and yes you do all look very small) and this was reflected in the early posts. I did one about the World Cup being shit and posted a short story based on an old Welsh folk tale. You wont find either of them on the site now; they were pants.

To mark this momentous occasion, in this post I am taking a look back at the ten blog entries that have received the highest number of views (at the time of writing):

1. Facebook: Status updaters we all know
The second post in the current format and the template for everything that followed. Not quite as sweary and vitriolic as later entries, if anything it’s rather reserved. The weirdest search term that someone has put in Google and found this article? ‘What Facebook status can I put when I got baby boy?’ I hope they found their answer…

2. Nightclubs: The regulars (Part One)
The number of hits this post has got surprises me. Maybe it shouldn’t, every nightclub in the UK has the same clientele and thus, this topic is probably the most relatable I’ve covered…

3. Shopping: High street, mall, wherever
Apart from this one, I guess. I only posted this a fortnight ago and already it’s right up there. Does it mean my audience has grown? Or did I pimp this one out on Twitter and other sites more than others? Only time will tell.

4. Education: Bachelor’s Degree Mainstays (Part One)
Looking back at this, the entires are a bit short, but they are fucking SPOT ON. Writing this was cathartic.

5. Nightclubs: The regulars (Part Two)
Possibly my personal favourite, as this post got me my first negative comment. In this era of simply hitting a button to indicate your pleasure or displeasure at something, to get a passionate outburst from an anonymous stranger is something of an honour. It makes it all worth it.

6. Reality TV and talent shows: My understanding of the genres
Expected more arsey comments after putting this up. Haven’t got any (yet). Maybe I had a point… Hmm? Hmm??

7. Air Travel: Who will you be flying with?
Another recent post that did well. Preach, Tom, preach!

8. Drivers: Who to watch out for (Part One)
A post that some of my friends thought was written about them. If you think I am writing about you, it’s probably best you keep quiet, really…

9. Open-mic nights: Your list of performers
June was a good month for hits. This is the third post from then to crack the top ten. It is also the first article to feature the word ‘cunt’ twice. Trivia, bitches.

10. Education: Bachelor’s degree mainstays (Part Two)
Even more cathartic to write than the first part. *gazes into middle-distance with a sleepy grin*

Thanks to everyone who checks out this site and enjoys it… and thanks to those who don’t too, a hit is a hit, after all.

I wonder what’ll be in the top ten next year…