Teenagers: Lost rites of passage (Part Two)

Lost Rites of Teenagers by Tom Nash(For Part One, click here)

It’s not just teenage communication habits that have changed in the last ten years. Here’s a selection of the other things I thought of that the young people don’t do no more (oh, yes- bask in my double-negative-ness):

Go to record shops
I may be showing my age here but when I was a lowly Office Junior raking in £75 a week, the first thing I’d do on payday would be to hit Beano’s (the greatest music shop that ever existed) and pick up half a dozen CDs. I was seventeen so most of them were shite, but I digress…

What’s the equivalent these days? As @Syph79 tweeted to me after the last ‘teenager’ post, ‘You can’t hang around in itunes!’ Of course, no-one other than me seems to buy music anymore and Beano’s has since shut. As have most record shops (we touched on this in the nightclub posts). If you did some research, you could probably find a correlation between the closure of record shops and the increase of scary hood-wearing children hanging around menacingly…

Find porn in the woods
Now arguably, this one isn’t restricted to teenagers. When was the last time you or anyone you know stumbled across (heh) a carrier bag full of grumble-mags? What was once a staple of a young man’s developmental years (or a young woman’s- we don’t discriminate) has all but vanished, replaced by Google image searches for ‘boobs’ (safe-search off),  Pornhub (Don’t act like you don’t know what that is. Just don’t.), and if they can stay up (heh) late enough, Babestation (again, your claim of ignorance is fooling no one).

Thanks to the internet, all children in the world (except China, maybe) will only ever be a few clicks away from ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ being one of their first sexual experiences. Just think about that for a moment. The copy of ‘Razzle’ your mum found under your bed all those years ago doesn’t look so bad now, eh?

Blag free phone-cards
OK, one more communication-habit-change. Back when mobile phones were too expensive to buy for children and pedophiles didn’t lurk on every street corner, if you were out and you wanted to get in touch with someone, rather than walk to their house, you could ring them from a phone box (do they even exist anymore?).

If you possessed a little forethought, you could ring the operator and claim that the phone had eaten the pound coin you ‘put in’ and not allowed you to make a call. Then by simply giving them your name and address, they would send you a phone-card of the same value. Once done a few times, you had yourself a stash and could ring ANYONE; the world was your lobster.

But that was when a call cost 10p… Probably wouldn’t be worth doing now…

I’ll think of more.