Tom Nash: Creative Writer and Cartoonist

Tom Nash and Graham the dogWho’s Tom Nash? Keep reading or click About on the bar above to find out…

I’m Tom, a trained writer who looked a bit like ‘Charlie off Lost’ when I had hair. When I’m not constructing pithy and hard-hitting copy for my employer, I also write fiction and non-fiction, draw rubbish but funny cartoons under the name Tut and Groan and maintain a humorous blog where I make cynical observations on life in twenty-first century Britain (that you can find by hitting the link in the menu that says ‘Blog’, funnily enough).

I was born and raised in Croydon in South London (or Surrey if you’ve got a house to sell) and trained in Falmouth (which is in Cornwall, for the geographically impaired), I try to draw upon my experiences in the London suburbs and my dislike of flowery, waffle-ridden writing to craft easy-to-read articles, stories and poems that are honest, entertaining and occasionally funny.

With a deep hatred of ignorance and the moronic, as well as a complete lack of respect for novelists who use adverbs in their work (it’s LAZY), I aim to be a little different in my approach to writing.

I consider myself a product of my time and my environment, my writing is fast-paced, streamlined and perfect for anyone who gets bored easily.