Tom Nash: Creative Writer and Cartoonist

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Tom Nash is a trained writer who looks a bit like ‘Charlie off Lost’. When he’s not constructing pithy and hard-hitting copy for businesses, Tom also writes fiction and non-fiction, draws rubbish but funny cartoons under the name Tut and Groan and maintains a humorous blog where he makes cynical observations on life in twenty-first century Britain (that you can find by hitting the link in the menu that says ‘Blog’, funnily enough).

Born and raised in Croydon in South London (or Surrey if you’ve got a house to sell) and trained in Falmouth (which is in Cornwall, for the geographically impaired), Tom draws upon his experiences in the London suburbs and his dislike of flowery, waffle-ridden writing to craft easy-to-read articles, stories and poems that are honest, entertaining and occasionally funny.

With a deep hatred of ignorance and the moronic, as well as a complete lack of respect for novelists who use adverbs in their work (it’s LAZY), Tom aims to be a little different in his approach to writing. Whether he succeeds or not is out of his hands, that’s for his readers to decide… He has readers, right?

A product of his time and his environment, Tom’s writing is fast-paced, streamlined and perfect for anyone who gets bored easily.